Increasing traffic to your blog

When it comes to ad revenues through blogs and web sites..there is key question.
How to increase traffic to the blog /site? ( How to make more people visit or see my blog/ Web page.The ad revenue is going to be mostly in direct proportion to the visitors your page gets)
1.Always choose a topic for the blog based on your interest. When you do something that you like , you are going to do that exceedingly well. This will ensure that you write frequently on the web page.
2.Choose to write using all possible and diversified jargon and words on your area of interest , so that your blog gets more hits on the search engine.
3. Do visit lot of web pages / blogs that are in same areas of interest. Exchange comments on such sites frequently.
4. You can request for mutual links with blogs of similar interest.
5. Ensure your content is of great quality. ultimately "CONTENT" is the KING.
6. List your blogs in the blog directories available on the web with right key words.
7. Use effective keywords as labels wrt. the area of your blogging.
8. Be patient .... Rome was not built in a day.
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