"Key words",KEY to growth

When you intend to drive more traffic to your site/blog, analysing and understanding the key words in search engines that divert traffic to your site is very important.
How to find out the "key words" that lead traffic to your site?
When you have code from visitor count sites like "statcounter" on your site, they help you to keep track of the traffic to your site. Most of these stats site also provide with info like " Keyword Activity" or " Key words list" ( "Search word") that led users from search engine to your sites.
Keep track of these key words to enrich your content. you can get a lot of clues as to what users of the web look for and ad content that is related to the search. you can also extrapolate the search keywords yourselves to add new ( and relevant) content to your site.
"Key word " analysis can be a key to drive traffic to your site. More traffic means more money!!!

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