Web Advertising - going to be the future??

With millions and millions joining the Internet bandwagon , Internet penetration is growing in a geometric proportion.( esp in developing countries like India).
Millions of web pages and blogs get added to the net everyday. Blogs have given the common man the ways and means to express his thoughts to the whole world. With increase in activities over the net, advertising on the net is also taking a new dimension.
Advertising over the net has significantly improved over a period of time. As we browse through the Internet, we find more and more pages display ads of some stuff or the other.
If this trend continues.....Web Advertising will take a bigger dimension in the years to come.
If you are keen to make your crore , Web Advertising may be the right channel for you. !
You can use ready made advertisement channels to occupy your hot real estate spaces ( read as web pages or blogs).

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