Have you heard of PPO

I went through an interesting article on PPO. It sounded real great to my ears . A part of the article is reproduced below.

"While outsourcing of services by medium and large-size companies from the US and Europe to low-cost countries like India has been going on for a decade now, the new trend in this space to watch out for is Person-to-Person Offshoring (PPO), says global research and analytics firm Evalueserve.
PPO consists of services that can be offshored to individual professionals by entrepreneurs seeking to bootstrap their business and can be utilised by anyone with the technology advances and growth of internet in today's world.

All a professional requires to render these services is a PC and a reliable internet connection.

While each PPO contract is often of low value usually between $100 and $5,000 (Rs 4,000 to Rs 20,000) but due to the large number of end consumers involved, the total addressable market in the US alone has exceeded $20 billion, Evalueserve Chairman Alok Aggarwal said.

To make the things easier, there are already close to 100 websites such as Guru.Com, Elance.Com, RentACoder.Com and GetAFreelancer.Com acting as trading platforms for such services and over ten lakh professionals -- a majority of who are from India -- are already registered on these sites as PPO providers. One of the fastest growing segment in the PPO market is editorial and writing services, which include writing for books, copy writing, editing, proof-reading, news articles, newsletters, press releases, translation and web content."
To read the full report cilck here

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Narayanan said...

The article was good.this will help people like me who were unaware of the scope of ppo.


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