3 I's to become a crorepati

Look at any of the wealthy people in the world , they would have got rich by any of the 3 I's that follow.
1. Innovation
Being innovative ...being different from the crowd.Innovation need not be restricted to a product innovation or a technology breakthrough...but also innovative way of doing a business......successfully turning ideas into reality.Doing things that the crowd doesnot do ....thinking differently can also all be classified as innovation for this purpose.if you take the first generation billionaires throughout the word they have become rich mostly by being innovative or by championing an innovative idea.Needless to say , every organisation emphasises its employees to be innovative.
2. Investment
Investing in a disciplined and planned manner can make you wealthy. Investment is spotting opportunities and multiplyig your wealth through those opportunities.Its essentially identifying Question marks and Stars ..keeping your bets on them till they become Cash cows.This is the best way for the not so innovative kind.Wondering about the third 'I' ...That's nothing but
3. Inheritance....You can be wealthy because you inherit wealth....there's nothing much you can do about it. :-)

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